How to be the perfect side chick

by Aimee Lane on July 16, 2012 · 2 comments

I’ve learned a few things to get me closer to perfection for my player:

1. Always remember you don’t get holidays or birthdays with your player. These are reserved for the main chick.

2. You have to look good. Real good — all the time. Your hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, waxings, nails, teeth, jewelry, apartment/house, car, job. This includes when you are going out, staying home, waking up in the morning, in the shower… If you know what the main chick looks like then make sure you look better than her. Don’t ever get sloppy, lazy or messy…its an open invitation for him to leave.

3. Love him; love his family. You need to prove that you love him unconditionally. You need to show your player that no matter what happens you’ve got him. This could be financially, emotionally, professionally. Be there to listen and comfort him. No one has an easy life…its your job to make his a little better. And, when it comes to his family you need to be there by his side, if he lets you. If he is married to the main chick then it is possible you will never meet his family, but if he lets you in to his private world then its your job to step up and reaffirm that he was correct in doing so.

4. Sex him better than the main chick. If the main chick was all that then he wouldn’t be with you. Its your job to do it and do it well. If you can’t figure this one out then you’re out of your league and you’re not ready to be a side chick.

5. Do not make demands and do not EVER issue an ultimatum. He is with you because you’re fun and you’re easy going. If he wants pressure and demands then he will go home to the main chick.

6. Make him your main guy. You can date on the side, but my advice to you, sex him monogamously. Build trust with him. Make him know you’ve got him and your body is his and his alone.

7. Set your expectations! Do not expect him to leave the main chick. He won’t!! Do not expect him to buy you things. He won’t (that honor is saved for the main chick). Do not expect vacations. Unless a vacation (or travel in general) is the only way he can see you, he won’t be vacationing with you (this too is reserved for the main chick). Do not expect to be the main chick. Players rarely ever leave the main chick (he won’t be an exception). Do not expect marriage. If he is marrying someone it will be the main chick. Do not expect holidays or his birthday with him. You can have the day before and the day after, but the day of is reserved for the main chick. Do not expect to attend work functions together. The people at work will know he has a girlfriend (aka main chick) or wife. That is who will attend.

Love ya!

Aimee Lane

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Anonymous May 17, 2013 at 10:55 am

This if a fucked up position to be in.


Casper "Flash" Jones August 20, 2013 at 12:47 am

Not if people understood how to play their position.


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